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Enjoy the many metal framing benefits out there when working with our experts!

Framing, either wood or metal, creates the skeleton of your property. Whether you have a small personal residence or are looking into building a large commercial property, you want the bones of your home or building to be sound, solid, and strong. Metal framing comes with many benefits, but it is not a material that the average person or even the average contractor can work with easily. Here at Gibson Custom Construction, you can get metal framing and its advantages when working with our qualified and experienced contractors in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Metal Framing in Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the benefits of metal framing that makes it particularly desirable in Charlotte is that it is strong and durable. Metal framing is never going to be weakened by high humidity or because it was infiltrated by termites. Instead, you can install metal framing and enjoy perfectly consistent strength and sturdiness for decades to come. Always straight and uniform, metal framing ensures that there will be less product waste, which helps to keep costs on track when it comes to expenses. Furthermore, metal framing performs wonderfully if you have areas where you are concerned with moisture or water, such as basements, bathrooms, shower, etc.

When you work with metal framing, there is very little room for error. Because metal framing is strong and durable, you need specialized tools to cut and install it properly. With our level of training, access to tools and experience that delivers wonderful results, you can count on us to install any kind of framing, including wood framing, for your property. To learn more about our team or for questions, please give us a call today.