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All of the people who work on our construction sites hold a current OSHA certificate.

OSHA is an acronym that refers to a piece of federal legislation designed to protect American workers. The acronym stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is the federal body that mandates certain requirements for workers across all industries. Certain industries are more dangerous than others, so those working in those particular industries should receive an OSHA certificate to better understand the importance of a safe work atmosphere and how to achieve it. Although it is a requirement for those in construction and remodeling work, not all contractors and companies meet the regulations set forth by the administration.

OSHA Certificate in Charlotte, North Carolina

Having workers on your job who are not OSHA certified or trained poses a safety risk to everyone onsite. At Gibson Custom Construction, we take the safety of our staff extremely seriously. All of the people who work on our construction sites hold a current OSHA certificate. Earning this certificate involves taking between 10 and 30 hours of classes and passing an exam. In order to maintain the safety certificate, a worker in this industry often has to attend additional training once or twice per year.

We want to ensure that every member of our team is protected against the inherent risks that come with working in construction. While it can be a dangerous field, taking the steps outlined in the OSHA certificate program can mitigate the risks and provide a safer atmosphere for everyone. You should never take a chance when it comes to safety on a construction site. Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can always rely on us to put safety first.