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Our custom home building services are handled by people with years of experience in the industry.

A home is a safe haven from the rest of the world, providing a space where you and your family can relax, spend time together, and make memories. However, a home that doesn’t fit your family’s needs can quickly go from haven to hassle, especially if you don’t have the space you need or layout you want. If you’re in this boat, you can pack up and start looking for other homes, but you may end up having to settle on certain details or elements of the structure in order to get into a home quickly. Another option that doesn’t require you to settle on or sacrifice what you want is to have your new home custom built to your specifications.

Custom Home Building in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our team at Gibson Custom Construction includes experienced and knowledgeable custom home builders for clients in Charlotte, North Carolina and much of the surrounding area. We start the process by consulting with you to find out what you want in your home and what aspects are most important to you. From there, we can create a custom design that incorporates your desires while fitting into the budget you’ve set. Our custom home building services are handled by people with years of experience in the industry, and we’re led by a second-generation general contractor who has worked in the field for over three decades.

Custom home building is a process that can give you exactly what you want for your living space. You have the final say, which means the details that are most important will be incorporated. Contact us to begin the process of custom home building.