Your Roadmap to Commercial Demolition

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Your Roadmap to Commercial DemolitionWhile it might seem straightforward and simple, demolishing a commercial building or interior space is an extremely involved process that requires careful planning and extensive preparation. If you’re considering a commercial demolition project, our team at Gibson Custom Construction is ready to assist you. Below, you’ll find a brief outline of the commercial demolition process to help you better understand and prepare for your upcoming project.

  • Pre-Demolition Assessment – The commercial demolition process starts with a thorough assessment to determine the building’s condition and identify any potential hazards. This helps us determine the best demolition method, plan out safety measures, and factor in any environmental concerns.
  • Method Selection – There are actually quite a few ways to demolish a building, and factors like the building size, age, location, and more impact what method is used.
  • Securing Permits – Commercial demolition projects must be done in compliance with local and state regulations and often require specific permits. During this stage, we acquire all the permits and ensure safety and environmental standards are met.
  • Site Preparation – This stage involves tasks like discontinuing utilities, securing the site, and putting up safety barriers to protect workers and community members.
  • Demolition– When the site is prepared, the actual commercial demolition can take place using the agreed-upon equipment and strategy.
  • Waste Management – Once the commercial demolition is completed, the materials are sorted and processed for recycling or disposal.
  • Environmental Cleanup – Any environmental concerns, such as contaminated soil hazardous materials, are handled and mitigated during this stage.
  • Restoration or New Construction – Depending on the goal of the commercial demolition, the site will either be prepared for a new building or allowed to return to its natural state.

Collaborating with an experienced and reputable commercial demolition company is key to a successful demolition. If you’d like to speak with someone about your prospective project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office to learn more.